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Great picture quality

I purchased this car key camera to use as a nanny monitor so we could keep an eye on our baby without the need to go into her room. I was immediately impressed by the solid quality feel of the device, and by how small it is which is perfect for my use.

Excellent cam with poor battery life.

Everything is spectacular except the battery life (90mins). I recommend a power bank of some kind. I really like the IR night vision function.

Easy to use

good recording quality, very light and easy to use, look stylish.

Awesome Hidden Camera

Awesome Hidden Camera. Very discrete and Hi-tech difficult for people to notice the spy camera. The sound quality is so good. The instruction is very clear. I'm enjoying it so far

spy camera speaker

Love it easy to put together nice quality!

Great hidden camera

love that this camera is multifunctional. I really like the ease of use of this product. It is motion triggered to activate the camera and at the same time gives real time recordings. Very good quality video. The clock shows true time so no one will ever suspect that it's a hidden camera. If you're thinking about purchasing a hidden camera

Work as advertised

It has a secret hidden camera but it just looks like a phone charger ! This built in camera is a great addition for anyone focused on home security.

good purchase

Thanks for the product which does its job well. The instruction is pretty easy to follow. The installation can be without a sd card -- just use it with wifi and cell phone. The image quality is better than expected where faces can be recognized easily

Great Quality

We decided to give this spy camera a try and it works amazingly. The night vision and picture quality is great and the motion detection works great too. It’s perfect because no one knows it’s a camera it just a cute clock. And it connects to my phone so I know what’s going on even when I’m not home :)

Great little spy camera

It was really easy to set up. You can stream live on your device without an sd card if you're connected to the same wifi. It took maybe 3 or 4 minutes to set up and it was done!

This is a very Good quality and Hi-tech product

This is a very Good quality and Hi-tech product. beautifully package. the instruction is very clear. come exactly as showed on the site. the most interesting thing about it, its very discrete, not easy to notice if it s a camera..

not bad

Good lens, the picture is very clear and the sound is clear.

Great for monitoring kids

This is so cool! I put it in my kids playroom that is the bonus room above the garage. Now I can keep my eyes on my boys while I am downstairs with the baby! The night vision is good. I love that I can see it on my phone and not have to have another device with me.

The perfect little camera

Super easy to set up. It can be a little tricky to hide with the big stuff but no complaints.

Great product

The camera runs well, has a large battery. Best of all it looks exactly like a power bank, so no one can see that it is a camera.

Great Small 1080p WiFi Spy Camera

I purchased this little spy camera to use both for some home security and pet monitoring. I was looking for something small and that can be easily concealed. I have had the camera for about a week or two now and I am pleased with the results.

Overall I'm satisfied with the little gadget

The setting is not diffidult as the user manual. I have recorded a few video.The quality of image is nice.

Excellent Product

It's a nice picture frame, and you can change pictures very easily. The camera is sensitive. It can work 24/7 and detect every motion. Picture quality is good. Now I can monitor the living room in everywhere with a wifi. Everything looks good to me. It's an excellent product as described.

thank you

Thanks for giving me a 32GB memory card as a free gift. Can’t wait to wear the tiny baby for some shootings.

pen camera

Haven’t use yet, doesn’t seem easy to install.

Very covert camera and nice looking clock

This device was pretty smooth and straight up.Good and some difficulties initially but very easy to troubleshoot.

Multiple uses!

Initially bought to use as a nanny cam but has worked wonderfully as a nanny cam.

Nice pen!

It’s just like a regular pen and looks nice also, makes high quality videos even in the dark area, but you have to connect it to your laptop to review the videos, it’s just a PEN anyway, LOL

very helpful

I often have clients to visit, and sometimes we have important conversations, this spy cam has helped me a lot.


It is AMAZING! The picture is really clear, and the app is really great. I’m very very pleased with this camera. Honestly, you can look very closely and not see the camera. It is Wonderful.